Kris Floyd Estrena Nuevo Sencillo “Cero”

Puerto Rican Urban artist  Kris Floyd, who has brought a new level of innovation to the genre with his unique and distinctive flow and cadence since his musical debut, releases his latest single “CERO.” This single follows in the footsteps of his exceptionally successful hits “Complicado” and “Códigos,” all under the skillful guidance of the multimedia talent incubator, NEON16. “CERO” is available to stream on all digital platforms today. 

Kris Floyd, debuts new single “cero”.

The song, produced and written by Kris Floyd and Albert Hype, demonstrates the extraordinary versatility Kris Floyd has shown in his previous hits. In “CERO,” Kris crafts a lyrical story about how he cannot trust just anyone due to the life he lives. He raps about how many of the people he encounters come into his life with an ulterior motive — wanting to know the deep secrets he holds, only to go behind his back and share them with the world.

Kris reinforces this raw sentiment within the song by sharing that he feels the need to block out many people because of the insecurity that comes with not knowing if someone is a true friend.

With his music, Kris Floyd seeks to immerse the genre and fans with his rare musical talent and direction, stirring lyricism, and unforgettable tonality that dives into the darker, deeper, more melancholic themes of life and creating something that new.

There’s no doubt that his unique voice and versatility will make him stand out amongst his peers.

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