Piso 21 Lanza Su Fourth Studio Album “777”

Piso21 Lanzan Su Fourth Studio Album “777”

Latin music’s most prolific, Colombian pop group Piso 21 has released their fourth studio album “777”.

The album is home to 16 tracks and includes collaborations with Manuel Turizo, Carin Leon and Danny Ocean to name a few.

The album’s focus track “Felices Perdidos,” is the first collaboration between Piso 21 and Danny Ocean. The song is a soulful pop-urban ballad that perfectly harmonizes Piso’s vocals with Danny’s heartfelt delivery.

Piso21 Lanzan Su Fourth Studio Album “777”

For this album Piso 21 made sure to hire colleagues who understood the unique sound that is Piso 21. It was important for each song in the album to reflect the each member and the essence of who Piso 21 is.

Hitmakers Federico Vindver, Mr. NaisGai, Súbelo NEO, Sky Rompiendo and Dim all worked on the production of “777”. The album was recorded between Miami, Medellín, and Mexico City.

Their multi-platinum 2021 album “El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Perreo”, garnered several multi-platinum hit singles like “Una Vida Para Recordar” (feat. Myke Towers), “Para Olvidarme De Ella” (feat. Christian Nodal), and “Más de la Una” (feat. Maluma).

Leading up to the release of “777” they also released music in collaboration with a variety of artists including Blessd, Ovy On The Drums, Santa Fe Klan, Dimelo Flow, Boza, Mau y Ricky, Prince Royce, Gerardo Ortiz, and Khea.

Watch the focus track “Felices Perdidos” with Danny Ocean here:

Piso21 Lanzan Su 4th Studio Album “777”

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