JBalvin Launches Mental Wellness App

JBalvin Launches mental wellness App with Co-Founders Patrick Dowd, Mario-Chamorro

JBalvin has always been upfront about his struggle with mental health. Now the global superstar has announced the creation of his new mental wellness app ‘OYE’ a new bilingual, interactive wellness app. The news comes during observance of Mental Health Awareness Month.

The idea for OYE originated from Balvin’s own experience and desire to help others overcome similar obstacles, by providing community-focused engaging and accessible emotional wellness content and practices for everyone – with a special emphasis on young, bilingual adults.

Mental health is an issue that is still considered taboo for much of the Latinx community, as well as for many other cultures around the world.

OYE (which means listen) will provide daily wellness practices in Spanish and English, and will give access to resources and tools to make wellness a daily priority. The content will be developed by OYE Creators, an eclectic community of bilingual wellness guides who bring unique perspectives and wellness practices, such as guided reflections, expressive movement practices, and tools to improve relationships through listening.

Members who sign up for the app before its official launch in September, will receive a 1-year free membership to access the platform’s bilingual wellness resources, content and personal updates from Balvin himself. 

OYE aims to provide a safe space for its members across the globe to learn how to make wellness a part of everyday life. OYE facilitates a balance between emotional wellness, physical health, and interpersonal relationships.

To learn more, visit http://www.OYE.co.

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