CNTRA Debuts First Collection “Metal Moda”

CNTRA introduces its first collection titled “Metal Moda”.

CNTRA introduces its first collection titled “Metal Moda,” staying true to its core identity, a contradiction to fashion. The graphics and silhouettes in this collection were born with inspirations from 80s English electronic music bands to 90s rap culture.

Debuting the signature cross motif as a reference to pendants worn by rap icons of the era, and also introducing “the woman with a crown of thorns” a recurring character in the world of CNTRA.

“Metal Moda” is heavily influenced by music; tapping into icons like award-winning music producer Tainy and Venus X at its forefront. The look book is a compliment of gothic meets hip hop and rugby uniforms adorned with jewelry elements a great staple for day-to-day outfits.

The unisex winter collection consists of graphic T shirts, a long sleeve rugby polo, 2 in 1 shorts, a hoodie, sweatpants, trucker hats, socks, leather goods, and jewelry creating interchangeable outfits. The collection is set to debut December 2021 online and at select retail.

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