Amazon PRIME Video Announces New DocuSerie EVERYBODY LOVES NATTI Starring Natti Natasha

Amazon PRIME Announces New DocuSerie EVERYBODY LOVES NATTI Starring Natti Natasha

Prime Video has announced that they will be releasing a new docuserie starring Dominican reggaetón artist Natti Natasha.

The six episode docuserie perseguira a la cantante on her everyday life as a singer, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and daughter. In the docuserie, la cantante opens up about her life y comparte detalles de su vida and her relationship with manager Raphy Pina and their daughter Vida Isabella.

The all-access series gives fans a behind-the-scenes look on the hardships and struggles Natti Natasha faced no only as an immigrant, but as a singer on her journey to stardom. Fans can expect to see a few familiar faces in the series. Amigos y colaboradores que han formado parte del camino de Natti como Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce, Becky G, Yovanna Ventura y Ariadna Gutiérrez, entre otros, compartiran historias personales con Natti.

La serie “Everybody Loves Natti” se estrenara el 19 de Noviembre exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S., el Reino Unido, Australia, Canadá, India, Irlanda, países y territorios hispanohablantes en Latinoamérica, Nueva Zelanda, Nigeria, Arabia Saudita, Singapur, Sudáfrica, España, los Emiratos Árabes Unidos; the worldwide release todavía no ha sido anunciado.

Watch the official trailer here:

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