Brazilian Pop Star Anitta Becomes NUBANK’s Newest Boardmember

Brazilian Pop Star Anitta Becomes NUBANK Boardmember

Nubank, the largest independent digital bank in the world, and Anitta, one of the most successful Latin-American pop icons, has joined the company as aboard member. Anitta will be part of the quarterly meetings along Nubank’s current six board members and the management team to shape together the future of the company. She will have a key role in supporting the company as it furthers its product and services offering.

So what lead the pop-star to switch the mic for a more serious role? The impact the financial institution Nubank has had with its customers and the services offered.

La cantante, who grew up en Honório Gurgel, un suburbio de Río de Janeiro, knows all too well la dificultades de quienes buscan acceder a servicios financieros sin sufrir con tarifas y tasas abusivas y atención ineficiente.

“Not being able to have financial products is very demotivating and shameful. A lot of people in Latin America have always lived off informal employment, how are those people going to have a credit history? I was impressed to see Nubank’s work to make millions of latinamericans feel included and access a better financial life,” the singer explains.”

The singer joins the tech company at a new turning point, facing a more mature phase for the brand. After eight years of history, Nubank consolidated itself as the largest independent digital bank in the world, with more than 40 million customers.

Anitta will be part of the discussions around the future of the company, in quarterly meetings, with the aforementioned advisers and with the team of global talents that make up the company’s Management Team.

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