5 Fun Facts From Daddy Yankee’s Presentación de “Problema” en Miami

Daddy Yankee performs ‘Problema” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! from downtown Miami.

Daddy Yankee’s presentation of “Problema” on Jimmy Kimmel Live had Downtown Miami LIT! No really, downtown Miami was lit and you can see it as it sets the tone for DY’s performance.

If you missed the presentation don’t worry, it’s not a ‘problema’, we got you!
Since you’re here we also thought we’d share 5 fun facts we learned about this special presentación.

Daddy Yankee performs ‘Problema” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! from downtown Miami.

1. La presentación se filmó en Downtown Miami. Si eres de Miami, you can see aerial view that it’s right under the bridge that connects downtown to the beach, behind the American Airlines Arena. From what we saw, no traffic was caused during filming.

2. El jefe Yankee contó con un equipo de producción de más de 50 personas to make this presentación come to life. Doesn’t sound like un ‘problema’ to us.

3. The local Miami band, which has 7 integrantes, makes history como la primera banda de este tipo en presentarse en un éxito de Reggaetón.

4. The twelve dancers that appear with Yankee are from el estudio internacional de baile Chapkis Dance [ganaron reconocimiento mundial por crear la coreografía del hit global #1 “Con Calma”].

5. In less than 12 horas, el video de la presentación en Jimmy Kimmel Live! marcó tendencia en YouTube.

Watch the performance from Miami, here:

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