Discovering El Mundo Con’El Mardileño’ C. Tangana

C. Tangana releases his highly anticipated album El Madrileño

For a little over two years now I have grown quiete the interest for the Spanish genre precisely Flamenco reggaeton. If you haven’t listened to it or haven’t a clue what I’m talking about about then consider this your introduction.

I came across el madrileño C. Tangana’s “Tu Me Dejaste De Querer” song while listening to another great award-winning Spanish artist and composer Beatriz Luengo.

From the very beginning of “Tu Me Dejaste de Querer” I was immediately intrigued by C.Tangana’s style and his whole vibe. That lead me to continue to listen on which lead me to his most recent album; El Madrileño.

If there is one thing I love about music is when music takes me on a journey. And El Madrileño (The Madrid Native), is clearly a record about journeys. An album in which C. Tangana centers his protractor on Madrid, while encompass countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, as well as Latin America in general. Every song on the album is different from the next.

As with travel books, travel records give as much importance to the destination as to the origin; as much importance to the traveler as to the people met during the adventure. As such, on El Madrileño we find that the ideas that C. Tangana has brought back from his two years of wandering in Latin America, starting with Cuba, are just as relevant as what he took with him from Madrid.

C. Tangana’s highly anticipated album has been heralded with No. 1 hits, unprecedented streaming popularity, and outstanding reviews.

C. Tangana has made an effort to dialogue with the sounds of each country he spent time in. And dialoguing means making friends, gaining knowledge, and celebrating. It’s the difference between traveling and tourism. An explorer who curated quite the journey.

A perfect example is “Cuándo Olvidaré”, which brings together references to Argentine tango (“Nostalgias” by Enrique Cadicamo and Juan Carlos Cobián), Cuban guajira (“Al Vaivén de mi Carreta” by Ñico Saquito), Spanish bulería (“Pasan Los Días” by La Tana), an American R&B vocal loop (“Slide” by H.E.R.) and a moving monologue by Pepe Blanco, the iconic Spanish singer of copla and pasodoble.

C. Tangana is joined in on production duties by the acclaimed producer Alizzz and newcomer Víctor Martínez, a multi-instrumentalist whose playing is sprinkled throughout.

C. Tangana releases his highly anticipated album El Madrileño

“El Madrileño” Tracklist:

2) TU ME DEJASTE DE QUERER con Niño de Elche y La Húngara
3) COMERTE ENTERA con Toquinho
5) PÁRTEME LA CARA con Ed Maverick
6) INGOBERNABLE con Gipsy KingsNicolas Reyes y Tonino Ballardo
7) NOMINAO con Jorge Drexler 
8) UN VENENO (G-Mix) con José Feliciano Niño de Elche
9) TE OLVIDASTE con Omar Apollo
10) MURIENDO DE ENVIDIA con Eliades Ochoa
11) CAMBIA! con Carín León y Adriel Favela
12) CUANDO OLVIDARÉ con Pepe Blanco
13) LOS TONTOS con Kiko Veneno
14) HONG KONG con Andrés Calamaro

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