How 2020 helped Deorro Create New Music For His Upcoming Album

Deorro lanza su nuevo sencillo en español, “Me Siento Bien”, una colaboración con Kura y con la estrella de la música latina, Alex Rose

Renown Multilplatnum EDM DJ/Music Producer Deorro Opened up to us about his upcoming untitled new album and struggle with mental health.

Deorro’s first stepped into the latin music scene with his first major latin hit “Bailar” ft. Elvis Crespo. Today that video has garnished over 98 millions views and counting.

Deorro’s innovative & unique approach to creating music and ability to fuse the latin culture & EDM music, have made him a staple in the industry.

In our recent interview Deorro confessed to have struggled with mental health and used the downtime during the 2020 pandemic to work on regaining his health.

During the pandemic Deorro also managed to create lots of music. The producer confessed to having enough songs to create two albums. He also told us that half of those songs he created in matter of two weeks, while in Miami.

But of course Deorro is excited about getting his music out into his audience playlists worldwide and won’t have us wait for two albums. The DJ plans on releasing all the songs he produced some time this year on his new ‘untittled’ album.

As a preview to what we can expect, Deorro released a new single ‘Me siento Bien” a collaboration with Kura (EDM DJ ) that features Reggaeton artist Alex Rose.

The song deliver’s Deorro’s signature eltectro Hourse-cumbia sound for which he has become known worldwide for. The single, like his previous releases, “Beso” and “Donde” align with his latin inspired dance music.

Our reporter Jackie Diaz caught up with Deorro to talk about pandemic struggles, new music, his collab with Alex Rose and the homage they pay to scarface in the music for ‘Me siento bien”.

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