Venezuelan artist Jerry Di ‘Mi Cuarto’ goes viral on TikTok Photo Courtesy of Universal Music

There’s a new wave of Venezuelan artists spreading world wide. Corina Smith, Danny Ocean, and Nibal are just a few of Venezuela’s top trending artists.

Joining the wave of rising artists; Yesfran Omeba Soto López aka Jerry Di, from Caracas. Jerry Di, who’s single “Mi Cuarto” became a viral sensation on TikTok four months after it’s release.

El tema “Mi cuarto” currently exceeds over 100 million views on his YouTube channel which has earned him a Gold Record certified by RIAA.

El artista urbano admits he had no idea the song would turn him into an overnight sensation.

‘Mi Cuarto” is currently #24 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs Charts por encima de Daddy Yankee –SIN COLABORACIÓN– something the artist seems to be very proud of.

“Es un logro maravilloso y un crédito bonito” dijo Jerry “…estaba convirtiéndome en uno de los artistas latinos más relevante, acostado en mi cama, durante la cuarenta.”

His voice and melodies are inspired by R&B sounds mixed with reggaeton, dancehall and afrobeat.

Nuestra periodista Jackie Diaz got to talk to el cantante sobre su overnight success, sobre cómo nació el tema ‘Mi Cuarto” y lo que podemos esperar de el para el proximo año.

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