Pájaro Soñador” (Daydreamer), the First Turkish Rom-Com to Come to the U.S.

Pájaro Soñador” (Daydreamer), the First Turkish Rom-Com to Come to the U.S., Premieres October 27 on UniMás

Telenovela lovers rejoice! The first Turkish romantic comedy is coming to the U.S. “Pájaro Soñador” (Daydreamer).

The fun-filled story of unexpected love between a charming young lady and an adventurous photographer will broadcast Monday through Friday at the same timeslot.
This high-quality production featuring astonishing international locations and talented, attractive actors will win the audience over with its fresh, extravagant stories that everyone will be able to identify with. 

In a lighthearted way, “Pájaro Soñador” tells the story of Sanem (Demet Özdemir), an aspiring writer who is forced by her parents to choose between an arranged marriage and finding the right job. When she finds a job at an advertising agency, she soon falls in love with her boss, Can (Can Yaman). As romance blossoms, they embark upon an adventure that will transform their lives and the lives of those around them.
Other renowned actors that are part of the cast include Sevcan Yasar and Birand Tunca, who have played roles that resonated and became very popular in Turkey.

“Pájaro Soñador” (Daydreamer), the First Turkish Rom-Com to Come to the U.S., Premieres October 27 on UniMás

“Pájaro Soñador,” the love story
Daydreamer, Sanem, is a natural and cheerful girl who helps at her father’s grocery store. She dreams of becoming a writer and wants to live in the Galapagos. It is only when a young man named Zebercet asks her hand in marriage, that she finds the motivation she needed to get a job and avoid marrying him.

Her family pushes her to make up her mind, telling her that if she can’t find a decent job, they will give their permission to her prospective groom “Zebercet” to try to win her over. Sanem will find a job at one of Turkey’s biggest advertising agencies where her older sister Leyla works an executive assistant and launches into a tumultuous world of love and adventure.
Aziz, the owner of the advertising agency has two sons, Emre who is the youngest and Can, his eldest son. Emre wants to take over the business, but his father considers that Can is better fitted for the job, and names him manager of the agency.

Can handsome, free-spirited, adventurous, creative, with tons of charisma, and self-confidence, has what his father is seeking for the business. But Can loves his current job, taking photos in remote places of the world. He doesn’t like living in Istanbul, but he finally agrees to take over the business when he learns that his father is having health problems. He knows that it would be hard for him to get settled in the city, but he wants to please his father. Emre doesn’t like the idea that his brother would run the business because he believes that he deserves this position and plans to make his brother fail.
At the agency, Can falls victim to Sanem’s charms and she cannot help falling in love with him. When their worlds collide, she will introduce Can to something he has never felt before: love. 
WHEN AND WHERE: Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. ET/PT (6 p.m. CT) on UniMás.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Viewers can join the conversation using the hashtag #PájaroSoñadorUS and follow UniMás on Twitter via @Unimas, as well as on Facebook.com/Unimas and Instagram via @Unimas. They can also watch the program live with the Univision app, available on iOS, Android and the internet.

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  1. I love this series. It reminds me of Jane Austin’s writing with it’s different levels of society, the intrigue, humor, romance, heart ache, the evil characters versus the good. I love the Turkish culture that Sanem is from and the protectiveness shown by her mother and father, my other favorite characters. Many others are expressing how refreshing this series is because of it’s innocence with no nudity or lewdness as is so common with the US and Europe TV .The opening music and imagery are also delightful.

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