Domino Saints BUYA Will Appear on EA SPORTS FIFA 21

Domino Saints single ‘BUYA’ will appear in EA Sports FIFA21 original soundtrack.

Puerto Rican Pop duo Domino Saints most recent single ‘Buya’ will appear on the original soundtrack for EA SPORTS FIFA 21.

Incorporating Brazilian funk as a nod to the country with the most World Cup wins, the song is an electric, high-energy anthem for athletes and dream chasers alike, appealing to the innate desire to win and the unique adrenaline that can only be tapped into when defying the odds and pursuing the most passion-driven goals.

Currently based in Miami, Domino Saints teamed up with the city’s new soccer team, David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF, and has worked to make them an integral component of the “Buya” project. The duo will help the club celebrate their inaugural season, with “Buya” being slated for use in their October campaign.

“It’s the team’s first year and we feel proud to contribute to fútbol in Miami by including the club in all parts of this project,” the duo says. “Our music is the perfect anthem to motivate Miami’s fútbol fans to feel the passion they had for their teams in Latin America here in Miami.” 

The music video also reflects this star studded collaboration, featuring appearances by a variety of renowned soccer superstars, including Inter Miami’s very own Rodolfo Pizarro and Nico Figal.

Domino Saints -Buya

It was filmed at Miami’s Gold Coast Museum under the direction of Jorge Arroyo.

“Buya” will also be included on the Volta soundtrack, and the FIFA 21 game which is already available.

Domino Saint’s single “A La Buena,” featured on Island Kings, will be included on EA’s The Sims 4, where it will be featured in the game’s language, “Simlish.”

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