Adam Sandler Brings The Scare Este Año En Su Nueva Película Hubie Halloween

El comediante Adam Sandler returns to the big screen…well, really our ‘home’ screen to bring us a spooky mystery comedy this October.

En su nueva pelicula, Adam portrays Hubie Dubois, a lonely, verbally challenged, middle-aged virgin and avid community volunteer que vive con su mama in his hometown of Salem. He’s also the community joke.

Como todos los años on Halloween, Hubie wants to make sure que todos estan following the ‘rules of Halloween’. Pero hay un vecino nuevo y un criminal ‘on-the-lose- que lo tiene a el en Alerta.

Hubie Halloween on Netflix

Adam’s character Hubie tiene a muchos critics comparing him to the actor’s beloved recurring Saturday Night Live character ‘Canteen Boy’. A Boy Scout with a bit of a holier-than-thou attitude and a wacky voice, Canteen Boy was dismissed and ridiculed by other people for being too much of a goody-two-shoes. And, as advertised, Canteen Boy was always equipped with his trusty canteen.

During an Interview with Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler told the host he dedicated Hubie Halloween to the late Cameron Boyce and spoke about what a great person he was.

Cameron Boyce was in Grown-Ups with Adam Sandler and was also cast in Hubie Halloween.

Hubie Halloween will be unleashed on Netflix Wednesday, October 7.

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