Ir Sais Dream Girl Remix with Rauw Alejandro goes VIRAL

When the world got hit with the Corona pandemic and millions of people across the world were forced to stay home because of a world-wide shut-down, there was only one thing left to do to help us cope through boredom- DANCE!

The popular app TikTok gained huge popularity as millions of people of all ages and backgrounds joined in on the lip-synching, dance-challenge app. And just like Youtube has discovered its fair share of stars, TikTok has too.

Bonairian artist Ir Sais’ hit track “Dream Girl,” reaches certified viral status on TikTok.

Meet Bonairian artist and musician Ir Sais’. His hit track “Dream Girl,” which was released in 2018, reached certified viral status on TikTok. It has accrued over 4 billion views and countless plays due to popular dance challenges.

The hit track first captivated the attention of Paris-based DJ LY Prod, who used it on his Instagram and introduced it to his followers. “Dream Girl” quickly went viral on TikTok, quarantine’s most popular social media platform, and was propelled into the global stratosphere due to its infectious beat, smooth rhythm and the TikTok Dream Girl Challenge. “Dream Girl” became the number one track on the social media platform and was used 13 million times on the platform. Fans from around the world, young and old, took part in the challenge as well as stars like Jason Derulo — whose video garnered over 21 million views and over 2.9 million likes on TikTok.

Additionally, the “Dream Girl Remix” version featuring Rauw Alejandro is already certified 2x Platinum in Peru and is Gold in Mexico, Spain and Brazil. As well, this remix managed to reach the Top 100 of Apple Music charts in 41 countries and entered Spotify’s “Viral 50” chart in 33 countries.

“Dream Girl” showcases Ir Sais’  beats and sounds that are true to himself as an artist and his Caribbean heritage. His unique style and cultural influences is heard (and felt) throughout the song. He even throws a little of his native language Papamientu in the track.

The video was also directed and produced by Ir Sais and filmed in Miami, FL and Rotterdam, Netherlands. During the video Ir Sais takes his fans on a trip around the world as he and his ‘Dream Girl’ share special moments around the world. 

Dream Girl Remix- Ir Sais, Rauw Alejandro

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